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What we do

We eliminate online counterfeit merchandise. Counterfeiters pay our fees, not the trademark owner

Counterfeit Technology offers one-of-a-kind copyright and trademark detection solutions, as well as compliance service for recovering losses caused by intellectual property violations.
We specialize in copyright and trademark control the prosecution and have created a highly successful monetary recovery process from illegal imitation sellers.
Our organization joins forces with a number of leading trademark lawyers in the United States to defend companies looking to protect their intellectual property rights against infringers.

How it works

Anti-Counterfeiting measures that work step by step

Success cases

Mon Cheri Bridal
$ 2,000,000 - 3,000,000
Docket# 19-cv-2362
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What makes us different from

Our competitors?

We are an all-in-one service that combines technology, legal expertise, and experience. We cherish the valuable time of our clients and run the process from start to finish with minimal client involvement.
We diligently prepare and review all infringements on a case-by-case basis to make sure that all infringements were discovered, identified, and included in the case. We make sure that authorized retailers are excluded from the search and are not part of the case. Our knowledgeable legal team will recover the maximum damages for our clients with the support of the database that we discover.

Core technology

5 seconds
We match images from the seller's website against the images from your website.
We act as your customer would
In Google we search for your product, in facebook we search tematic groups, and much more
30 minutes
We search for new sellers on all traffic sources every 30 minutes
We search for product images
We are looking for direct mention of brands and trademarks.
6 hours
We need this time to scrape all the product images from a suspicious seller
We identify new websites fast
Our bots come to every new website within its first hundred of visitors


Your questions are answered

We don’t charge upfront fees. All the fees are described in the service agreement and engagement letter and will be reimbursed from recovered funds from counterfeiters for unauthorized use of clients’ IPs.
Our team will handle everything. All we need just initial information to start the search.
Yes, there is. You can review the process through the client’s web interface to see the discovery and status of copyright and trademark infringements.
Our software will automatically exclude authorized retailers from the search. It is always better to provide us with the list of licensed sellers once the signed agreement is in place.
It is the opposite. It is a win-win for the buyers and sellers. Your customers will not be deceived by purchasing fake merchandise and complain about the quality. All of your authorized retailers will be happy to know that you are removing unfair and illegal competition.

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