What we do

We eliminate online counterfeit merchandise. Counterfeiters pay our fees, not the trademark owner

Our service

We fight counterfeit

Counterfeit Technology provide a unique and highly effective anti-counterfeit and anti-piracy service.
We specialise in Trademark monitoring, investigation and a particularly effective method of enforcement, to combat commercial counterfeit sellers in Asia.
Our company works in partnership with a panel of the best trademark attorneys in the US to act on behalf of the brands wishing to enforce their Trademark Rights against infringers.

What can we find

No matter what tricks counterfeiters use to try to conceal or hide your product, our software can find counterfeits that match your copyrighted products. Here are some examples of what our software can see.
  • Original 1
    Counterfeit 1
  • Original 2
    Counterfeit 2
  • Original 3
    Counterfeit 3
  • Original 4
    Counterfeit 4

Mission & Vision

We aim to protect your intellectual property and ensure that your original works remain exclusively profitable for the continuous growth of your brand. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut.
To provide our clients with fresh new approach to Trademark & Brand protection by providing round-the-clock services to clients, with the flexibility to provide bespoke research, analysis and resolution for brands in any arena, customising strategies according to the specific needs of the individuals we engage with.

Our team

“Each of us is a professional by himself, but only together we can rule the world!”

Our team is composed of a group of very talented, creative and motivated professionals. Our employees are our most important asset. They possess impeccable professional and personal qualities. Our offices have a friendly and positive atmosphere that is very welcoming to any visitor.