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Most of our competitors offer detection and removal solutions which means that when you go through the demo, you are promised an automatic detection solution that works by itself without taking your time and effort. You are promised a solution that can find and recognize not only keywords but be able to perform image recognition. Unfortunately, after paying thousands of dollars - you find out that nothing is done automatically. Someone on your side has to constantly log in and check on what has been found and mark if the search was done properly or not. As a result, after all that time and money spent, the same counterfeiter runs and opened a different account and starts all over again.
That's not the case with Counterfeit Technology. You don't need to spend your valuable time and money on our solution! We do it all for you: we collect evidence, start legal proceedings, and recover monetary damages for our clients with ZERO clients' money spent.
Our solution is free and unlike our competitors, we don't charge a per hour rate. In fact, we don't charge our clients at all! Give us a call!
Counterfeit Technology
  • Over 13,000,000 reported infringements;
  • Over 3,000 shutdown domains;
  • Over $3,000,000 in funds recovered;
  • Over 3,000 counterfeiters brought to court;
  • Zero money out of clients pockets to start a legal process;
  • Assistance with IP registration;
  • The customers spent no time in the process.
Law office and Technology Competition
  • High billing rate without any guarantees;
  • High monthly service costs;
  • Ineffective and inefficient reporting process;
  • Technology that can't recognize copyright infringement;
  • Using customers' time resources;
  • Expensive process overall;
  • Long litigation process.

Core technology

5 seconds
We match images from the seller's website against the images from your website.
We act as your customer would
In Google we search for your product, in facebook we search tematic groups, and much more
30 minutes
We search for new sellers on all traffic sources every 30 minutes
We search for product images
We are looking for direct mention of brands and trademarks.
6 hours
We need this time to scrape all the product images from a suspicious seller
We identify new websites fast
Our bots come to every new website within its first hundred of visitors

Client testimonial

“Signing the contract with Counterfeit Technology was the best decission in our mission to fight counterfeit”

Steve Lang, CEO of Mon Cheri

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